Buckingham Palace Tour

What to see at Buckingham Palace.
There are plenty of exciting things to see and do at Buckingham Palace.

State Rooms

The Palace has an incredible 19 state rooms which are used to entertain visitors with lavish Banquets, speeches and famously the Pipers. The State rooms are beautifully furnished with treasures from the Royal Collection including paintings by Rembrandt, Rubens and Poussin as well classic furniture from England and France.

During the Queens annual visit to Balmoral in Scotland from August to September the State Rooms are opened to visitors and are laid out as they are during state visits.

Royal Gifts

Representing an incredible display of master craftsmanship from all over the world, the Royal Gifts display is 2017’s special exhibition at the Summer Opening of Buckingham Palace. Explore a wide-ranging display of official gifts presented to Her Majesty during her past 65-years rule and map the story of her reign to present day. Discover beautiful gifts representing every continent, from world leaders such as Nelson Mandela, President Ronald Reagan, President Xi Jinping and more.

The Garden

Known as the “walled oasis in the middle of London” Buckingham Palace’s garden is as stunning as the building with over 350 different species of wild flowers. The finale of a visit is a walk along the south side of the garden with views over the famous lake.

Buckingham Palace Opening Times

22nd July to 1st October 2017
A typical visit takes around 2 hours.